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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
[Ref] Sir Phillips - Shaded BG by HeyAnkey

Hey people! Commission is open now! Here are the infos!

Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U!  I do...

...anything! Except the thing that I don't do (duh). I mean, I do:
- Humans (any gender, any age)
- Furries
- Ferals
- Robots
- Violence/Gore
- Fan Characters from any fandom

Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U! I don't do...

...NSFW. I'm not good at this anyway

Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U!  Prices! Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! 

I'll be accepting both paypal and points payments!

1 USD = 100 Points 

[Ref] Sir Phillips - Lineart by HeyAnkey[Ref] Sir Phillips - Flat Colors by HeyAnkey[Ref] Sir Phillips - Shaded by HeyAnkey

Lineart                                        Flat Colors                                        Shaded

Dot Bullet (Tan) - F2U!  Chibi

[Ref] Chibi Sir Phillips by HeyAnkey         [Ref] Chibi 2 Sir Phillips by HeyAnkey
   Chibi 1                             Chibi 2

Lineart - 3 USD
Flat Colors - 6 USD
Shaded - 8 USD
Extra character - +4 USD
Complex Background - +4 USD

Dot Bullet (Tan) - F2U!  Bust

[Ref] Bust Sir Phillips by HeyAnkey

Lineart - 3 USD
Flat Colors - 5 USD
Shaded - 6 USD
Extra Character - +3 USD

Dot Bullet (Tan) - F2U!  Full Body

[Ref] Sir Phillips - Flat Colors by HeyAnkey
Lineart - 5 USD
Flat Colors - 7 USD
Shaded - 10 USD
Extra Character - +5 USD
Complex Background - +5 USD

Note me if you are interested :D


#250 - Ho-ohmon...? - If Pokemons Were Digimons
Okay, that's not Ho-oh as Digimon, it's just Hououmon/Phoenixmon taking Ho-oh's place trying to show that "Ho-oh would be awesome if it was a Digimon like them".

Pokémon (c) Game Freak / Nintendo
Digimon (c) Akiyoshi Hongo / Bandai
Chibi Toryou - The Demon Hunter
A chibi version of my OC Toryou
You can see her reference here

(She is one of my 18 OCs :meow:)
OC Reference - Toryou
Name: Toryou Akechi
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Occupation: Demon hunter
Birthday: June 6
Height: 1.70 m

Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! About Toryou Pink Dot Bullet - F2U!

Toryou is a serious, but a good person. She interacts to everyone, but sometimes she is overconfident, and mocks or fool some people, but this happens due to Kaibutsune's (the kitsune who half-possesses Toryou) personality influence. She takes her job extremely seriously, and hate when someone underestimate low-class demons.

Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Likes: kill demons and proving that she's too good for them, fish, visit new places
Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Dislikes: Her fox ears, being called "sexy/foxy girl"

Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Fighting style Pink Dot Bullet - F2U!

Toryou is a skilled spear fighter. She's always with her spear Yamiyari, because it's made to kill demons more easily than regular spears. She can't fight with the cursed sword, otherwise she will be more possessed by Kaibutsune. When she uses half of Kaibutsune's powers she gets way stronger, can use claws and smells for her enemies. But the problem of the half possession is that Kaibutsune will annoy her all the time trying to convince Toryou to use more of her power. But using more than 50% of Kaibutsune's powers will result in a permanent loss of control of her body.

Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Story Pink Dot Bullet - F2U!

    The Akechi Clan: The Akechi City was a city named after the clan's name, Akechi, and that clan is a big family known by your grandiose spiritual power, meaning that they're strong against demons. Moreover, they're great blacksmiths, forging swords, spears, axes, and other cold weapons. Due to their spiritual power, they can forge reinforced weapon against demons, which kill demons and evil spirits easily, and it's more resistant to demonic weapon attacks. Akechi City had a lot of Shisa (a lion-dog guardian) statue. In the borders the Shisa statues had open mouth, to scare evil spirits, and in the city the Shisa had closed mouth, to welcome good spirits. Besides, like several places, shopkeepers put maneki nekos (lucky cat) in the entrance, believing to bring many customers and fortune. Frequently, some of the clan members leave the town to buy food reserves for the clan, and they take the opportunity to sell weapons and pet accessories.

    Demons: The demons' objective is conquer the mortal world (the world where Toryou lives). They're evil beings which do everything to reach their objectives, besides to love to do badness. Demons and evil spirits have the ability of possession, being able to stay in the mortal world all the time when possess someone (normally they can stay at night only). When they possess someone, they can have the person's appearance or it can be a hybrid of the possessed and the demon, but it can't be the non-hybrid form anymore. When demons enter someone body, they have partial possession. The person isn't out of control yet, and the evil spirit can't do anything against the person's will, he can only talk. So, to have a complete possession, they take advantage of some situation to persuade the person. The best moment is when this person is very angry, sad, desperate or almost dying in a battle, and the evil spirit offers his power. But the more you accept his power, the more your soul corrupts, and more the demon's personality will stand, until you accept his total power. When it happens, the person lose his soul, and the body and regards belongs the demon until the body is destroyed. Low class demons can be expelled from someone, but it's not the same for high class demons.

    Kaibutsune, the General Kitsune: The biggest Akechi clan "treasure" was the nine-tailed kitsune named Kaibutsune. They kept it sealed in a sword and confined in a temple for approximately 400 years. Sometimes they had to do an ritual to maintain the seal strong. Kaibutsune, unlike the others, is a demon. Besides, it's not just another demon, it's a one of the demon lords. For being a high class demon, when it's killed, Kaibutsune can reborn 60 years later. Even sealed, Kaibutsune's power is so strong that the sword (a simple katana) changed it's form as the time passed. Moreover, who get the sword would be partly possessed by Kaibutsune. Demons attacks were normal in Akechi city, because they're trying to rescue their kitsune lord. But the clan are great demons killers.

    The Story: Toryou Akechi is a girl from Akechi clan, and she is a spearwoman. When she was young, she went with her father to buy food in another city and sell some weapons and pet accessories. Toryou had a cousin called Kaku, and he was her best friend and her rival at the same time. Kaku was as strong as Toryou and they liked to fight together and fighting each other. Kaku was facined by people that uses demonic powers against the demons. One day, Akechi city had a demons attack, but, as usual, the Akechi won the battle. Suddenly Kaku appeared very happy to Toryou saying he'll be strong like the stories, because he absorved a evil spirit, and he can use his powers against the demons. But Toryou disapproved that, because  he had to tame the demon (which is very difficult), or he would be totally possessed by the spirit. What really pissed Toryou is that Kaku was underestimating the power of a demon. But Kaku didn't know that the absorved demon was Katakirauwa, a flaming pig known by his love of eating souls of emotionally weak people. Besides, Katakirauwa is a high class demon making him stronger than the regular demons that attacks the city. Kaku wasn't emotionally weak, he was just stupid sometimes, trying to reproduce some heroic acts that he read in the books. But one day he let his guard down, staying emotionally disturbed, and disappeared from the city. One week later, he reappeared, but he walked straight to the kitsune temple instead of talking to someone. Wary, the temple guardians didn't let him go to the temple, and Kaku revealed his true hybrid form, possessed by Katakirauwa, and starts the invasion to Akechi city.     Katakirauwa, with Kaku's memories, knew the city, so he could make a strategy which made the attack successfull. Toryou, scared and sad, noticed that her best friend was totally possessed by the demon, and that mean she had to kill him. Unfortunately, the demons were winning the battle due to all Kaku's knowledge, now belonging to Katakirauwa. The city was being destroyed so fast that they didn't have time to call for reinforcement. In a moment of almost-victory, Katakirauwa destroyed the temple's entrance, but before walking toward the sword, Toryou knocked him. Since it's not possible to defend the temple nor fight against a lot of demons, she took the sword and ran away. She felt the kitsune possessing partially her body. Katakirauwa ordered a massive attack on Toryou. She tryed to fight, but it was almost impossible, and she started to panic. Kaibutsune tryed to take advantage of the situation, and offered his power. Sadly, Toryou had no choice, but she was carefull to not use all the power. She used only small amount of power, and yet her soul was a little corrupted, and she got fox ears, and some of the Kaibutsune's personality, like sometimes being overconfident, mock or fool someone. She sucessfully fled.
    Fortunately the part of the clan was alive, but still Toryou nedeed to leave the city because she needs now to find someone to make a new seal to seal Kaibutsune again, and Akechi city was completly destroyed, meaning that they no longer had structure to make a new seal to Kaibutsune until rebuilt the city.

Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Nowadays Pink Dot Bullet - F2U!

    She is pursued by demons, mainly by Katakirauwa. She can't leave the bewitched sword, because who get and break the sword will break the seal and free the other half of Kaibutsune. Her objectives is kill her old best friend, Kaku, now as Katakirauwa, and find someone to seal and confine Kaibutsune in another temple or find a way to kill her permanently. While that, she hunts demons, and sometimes she sells they claws, horns and fangs, and keep some when she considers it valious.

Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Curiosities Pink Dot Bullet - F2U!

- Kaibutsune "helps" Toryou to kill other demons just trying to make Toryou believe that she is not so evil and have an oportunity to completly possess Toryou's body
- When she was a little kid, she used to say that she would never have animal ears because it's extremely weird, and a person who uses animal ears would be less chances to befriend with her
- She doesn't tell anyone that she is half possessed by Kaibutsune, otherwise people will try to kill her even she being a good person
- If you call her "sexy girl" you're a dead man
[CE] From Complex to Simple - Anyone can help!
This is my entry for Flita 's contest celebrating the Earth Day
PS.: Don't worry, no bears were killed to make Arktos' (my OC) bear coat! The coat was handmade by his parents, which are bears. (his real mother abandoned him when he was a baby and the bears adopted him)



Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U!
Dot Bullet (Orange) - F2U!

tDot Bullet (Tan) - F2U! 

Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U!
Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U!


Anyone can help!

The title is for the many ways to help the planet, and some are hard to do, but some are extremely easy! There so many ways to help that you can't say "Oh, I can not do that because [insert the reason here]" Read the journal here!
Chibi Anuqi - The Mage Merman
A chibi version of my OC Anuqi!
You can see his reference here

(He is one of my 18 OCs :meow: )


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